01.CRM & Backoffice Systems

Our CRM and Backoffice is continuously updated to provide the best Technology to our Partners, we provide features to track your clients, see their KYC and view any information needed to keep up to date with your clients, we provide our CRM and Backoffice to our Introducing Brokers and Regional Managers so they can become a part of FXLinked and to be able to follow up with their clients without having any difficulty or missing information.

Our CRM and Backoffice are only given to exclusive partners and they can only be used to their clients, they are mainly used for information and not to perform KYC procedures.


02.Emails, Skype, Cloud Storage

Would you like a designated Email address under the company's brand, FXLinked can provide you with the required email and skype account, we provide you with a full outlook package so you can use an email under FXLinked with various microsoft office applications and onedrive for cloud storage all free of cost (Only for exclusive partners) so you can send emails, track, speak and make calls on skype for business and engage with your clients through FXLinked.

fxlinked iphone

03.VOIP Telephone

We provide you with a number of your choice depending on the territory you seek to market and acquire clients, the VOIP phone is provided with a soft phone application and a phone number so you can make calls any time and anywhere free of charge (Only to exclusive Partners), we provide you with a ready made voip number that can call any place in the world so you can keep track of your clients and engage easily with them.

04.Affiliate Network

Our custom made affiliate network is given to every partner of any size, it may be used by Introducing brokers, regional managers or affiliates, the network comes with tracking links, banners and landing pages for every partner, you can track, see your clients activities and the commissions you earn, you can also expand your affiliate base by bringing in sub-partners to work under you, there is no limits on affiliates or partners, you can recruit affiliates and build a better affiliate base with FXLinked, become a stronger partner by having all the tools and services you need to make you grow.