01.FXLinked|PRO Trading Execution

At FXLinked|PRO spreads are as narrow as possible, we aim to get superior prices from all our tier 1 liquidity providers. Real time prices are aggregated from various banks in order to o er best bid and ask prices to our clients. Our electronic communications network and pricing engine gives us the capability to update prices on every instrument pair three times per second, thanks to this technology our prices reflect the current global financial market levels.

We offer tight spreads to all our clients, irrespective of their account types and trade sizes. We recognise the fact that corporate tight spreads should be offered to our clients so they can trade without any high prices. client satisfaction is the reason why we give great importance to our execution quality.

01.Variable Spreads:

FXLinked|PRO Utilise variable spreads, such as the interbank forex market. as fixed spreads are usually higher than variable spreads, in case you trade fixed spreads, you will have to pay for insurance premium, which will raise the cost of trading and increase risk especially in volatile market conditions.

At FXLinked|PRO we provide you with variable spreads reaching 0.0 pips without restrictions on trading during news releases or corporate volatile market conditions.

02.Fractional Spreads:

At FXLinked|PRO you receive fractional pip prices which means you get the best pricing from our tier 1 liquidity network, instead of having a 4 digit quoting on your instruments you benefit from a 5 digit quoting, by having the best thin spread quoting you gain more on your trading on the small movements of the market.

With Fractional pip quoting you receive the tightest spreads and enjoy trading on the most accurate quoting on the market.

03.FXLinked Spreads and Conditions:

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