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CFD Trading Spreads and Conditions

symbols Description Minimum Price Variation Minimum Price Variation (Value) Spreads Low As 1 LOT Value Min/Max Trade Size Margin Percent Limit/Stop Levels
COCOA US Cocoa 1 USD 1 11 1 Metric Ton 1/400 0.02 14
COTTO US Cotton No. 2 0.0001 USD 1 0.0044 10000 LBS 1/100 0.02 0.01
CORN US Corn 0.0001 USD 0.04 0.022 400 Bushels 1/400 0.02 0.06
COFFE US Coffee 0.0001 USD 1 0.006 10000 LBS 1/50 0.02 0.002
HGCOP High Grade Copper 0.0001 USD 0.2 0.006 2000 LBS 1/200 0.02 0.01
SUGAR US Sugar No. 11 0.0001 USD 1 0.0008 10000 LBS 1/400 0.02 0.002
SBEAN US Soybeans 0.0001 USD 0.04 0.01 400 Bushels 1/250 0.02 0.02
WHEAT US Wheat 0.0005 USD 0.2 0.01 400 Bushels 1/400 0.02 0.02
  1. When a corporate action occurs, a price adjustment may be subjected in order to eliminate the impact on clients trading accounts.

    Margin requirements may be subject to change before earnings are calculated and announced and/or any corporate action.

    * The average spreads shown here are calculated on a daily bases. They tend to be narrower under normal market conditions. However, spreads may widen following important news announcements and governmental decisions, during political uncertainty, unexpected events leading to volatile market conditions or at the closing or opening of the financial market and on weekends when liquidity is lower. When you trade with us we act as your counter-party. Your trades are matched and any next exposure above predefined thresholds is hedged through our partner banks (liquidity providers) at the current market spread. However, during volatile and illiquid market conditions our liquidity providers quote larger than normal spreads. At such times FXLinked is forced to pass on some of the spread or cover them in order to insure low spreads to our clients depending on the market movement or situation.

    Margin requirements for CFDs is calculated : Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage and not based on the leverage of your <a href="http://localhost/fxlinked/market/fxlinked-global-account/">FXLinked Global Account</a>

    Calendar dates are expressive and are subject to change.

01.Contract For Difference

Contract for difference nicknamed (CFD) are contracts or commodities that are traded on virtual pricing of physical good such as sugar, wheat, corn, Etc, they tend to be a major role in financial investments as they allow diversification in exchanging and investing in these commodities.

Investing in Contract based tradable commodities tend to be a reliable in mitigating risk for traders and investors, even during times of market volatility and uncertainty, ensuring both the CFD buying and seller against major price movement that may lead to excessive losses.